TRU KIS Hiking Club



TRU KIS Hiking Club

About ​ The TRU KIS (Thompson Rivers University/Kamloops Immigrant Services) hiking club is open to everyone, but focuses on new Canadians and International Students who might not otherwise get a chance to hike the beautiful wilderness in and around Kamloops. There are several barriers to hiking our great outdoors that face people new to Kamloops: They may be afraid of animals or of getting lost; they may not know where to hike or how difficult it is going to be; they may not have transportation to get to the trail head; they are concerned about hiking alone and don't know who to go with; and they don't know what they should wear or bring. Does this sound like you?

Our group tries to address these concerns by providing a route of known difficulty, transportation to it, basic safety training, equipment and gear advice, and, most importantly, friendly, welcoming people to hike with. We will guide you along the way and do everything we can go get you out and back safely. Most of our hikes are geared towards beginners without special hiking gear. We try to keep our drives to the trail head to within 20-40 minutes, and our hikes to 2-4 hours. A great way to spend a Sunday!

Keep in mind that no outdoor activity is without dangers, however. You can twist an ankle on uneven terrain, slip and hurt yourself, or get scratched by branches or sharp rocks. You could also get eaten by a bear or a cougar, but that almost never happens if you stay close to the group. Okay, you are beginning to learn about our sense of humour.


Lawrence and Kodo

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